Weight Loss

The Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight

Despite the barrage of information and latest fads on weight loss, there’s a reason why most people end up frustrated, confused and still overweight. Bottom line, modern day struggles with weight have little to do with eating too much and exercising too little.

The truth is you have to first get healthy, then you will lose weight naturally. The real culprit in stubborn weight gain is damaged metabolism due to stressful modern lifestyles and unhealthy foods.

Body FX Direct understands this and developed products for your weight loss needs: 


Weight Loss Supplement


Nutrient-Dense Meal Replacement

Healthy Energy Supplement

Healthy Energy Supplement

10-Day Detox and Cleanse

10-Day Detox and Cleanse









The Body FX Direct products are specifically designed to reverse these damages and put you in control of your fitness level and ideal weight. Our products heal metabolism, restore fat burning, prevent fat storage, stabilize blood sugars, reduce or eliminate cravings, balance hormones, restore your ideal muscle-to-fat ratio and prevent muscle and water loss.