Muscle Gain

In Today’s World, The Demands On Your Mind And Body Are High…

That’s why the products you need must contain an ingredient profile that gets results. Whether you’re looking to improve athletic performance, get more fit, or lose weight, Body FX has a system of products guaranteed to help you reach your goals.

Better, Faster, Stronger: The Unique Needs of Today’s Athlete And Fitness Enthusiast

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have to optimize performance, recovery, repair and metabolic efficiency. That requires a superior protein source, essential fatty acids and low glycemic, healthy carbohydrates to optimize nutrition. It also means getting plenty of fiber, probiotics and enzymes to enhance digestion.

To put this power in your hands, Body FX Direct has developed products that match your every fitness need:


Therapeutic Meal Replacement

Healthy Energy Supplement

Pre-Workout Energy Supplement

Post-Workout Recovery Formula

Post-Workout Recovery Formula

Superior Bio-Available Protein

Superior Bio-Available Protein Source

The Body FX Direct products are specifically designed to reverse these damages and put you in control of your fitness level and ideal weight. Our products heal metabolism, restore fat burning, prevent fat storage, stabilize blood sugars, reduce or eliminate cravings, balance hormones, restore your ideal muscle-to-fat ratio and prevent muscle and water loss.


In short, you need more than just “good nutrition”. You need formulas for real health. You need the innovations in the Body FX products to get the edge you simply can’t get anywhere else.