Why Chromium Matters If You’re Trying To Lose Weight

Outside of chemistry class, you may never have given chromium a second thought. Now’s your chance to get to know this mineral and the crucial role it plays in your daily diet.

Chromium Plays A Key Role In Your Body

Chromium increases the ability of insulin-sensitized cells in your body top take in glucose, or blood sugar. In this capacity, chromium plays a key role in how your body metabolized carbohydrates and regulates its insulin levels.

Thanks to chromium, your body is better able to process and dispose of carbohydrates, maintain proper insulin levels, and maintain normal fasting blood sugar levels.


Disposing of carbohydrates

When you eat carbs, they get turned into glucose, which ideally is stored in your muscles for energy. If your body can’t properly “dispose” of the glucose in your muscles, the glucose gets stored as fat instead. We don’t want that when we’re trying to lose weight, do we?

Maintaining proper insulin levels

High blood sugar triggers more insulin, and high insulin levels slow the fat burning process and can make your cells insulin-resistant and unable to take in the glucose they need. When insulin levels are normal, your cells are more sensitive to insulin.

Maintaining normal fasting blood sugar levels

If your glucose (blood sugar) levels are high even when fasting, it’s a sign your body isn’t properly matabolizing blood sugar which can lead to excess body fat and can lead to a variety of health problems.

The benefits of getting enough chromium

Nearly 100 human clinical studies have revealed the benefits of proper chromium intake and absorption.

  • The better chromium is absorbed, the better it works on your body for glycemic control.
  • Property level of chromium help insulin be released and removed more efficiently.
  • Chromium helps decrease spikes in blood sugar levels, as well as how long those spikes last.

Chromium is ready to find but hard to absorb

Getting optimal levels of chromium from your diet alone isn’t always easy. Chromium is a micronutrient -a mineral that shows up in very small amounts in many foods you eat. Foods I’m a normal healthy diet, like cereals, potatoes, peas, lean meats, and whole grains contain trace amounts of chromium.

However, even though a normal healthy diet typically gives you adequate amounts of chromium, that chromium is particularly hard for your body to absorb. Plus, as you age, chromium absorption gets harder.

Fortunately, clinical studies suggest that chromium supplements may be helpful for weight loss and obesity.

If you would like learn more about how taking a chromium supplement can help you lose weight and how to choose the best supplement for you, fill in the form below, and we’ll send you information we’re sure you’ll find relevant and useful to improve your health.


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