How To Create A Landing Page With Video – AKA Squeeze Page

First Things First: What is a landing page or squeeze page?

A landing page, or squeeze page, is a one page website that gives an ethical bribe in exchange for the prospect’s email address or other contact information. It usually doesn’t include any other links on the page leaving the only option to opt-in. Recently we have been seeing squeeze pages used on blogs and even government websites and in that case it is common to leave prospects the option to say no thanks to the opt-in. I think this is a good touch and allows you to pull off a squeeze page on something like a government website where you are obligated to share the content with or without opt-in.

Now, you can create a landing page with or without video. If you have been thinking about creating a landing page video, you might be on to something.

Why Create a Squeeze Page Video?

  1. You get to read people your headline on auto play
  2. It’s more engaging and entertaining
  3. It allows you to brand yourself
  4. It creates trust and prestige.

How to Write Your Squeeze Page Video Script

  1. Read Your Headline ( What’s in it for them )
    If you want to learn more about writing great headlines you can check out this article by   at Copy Blogger
    How to Write Magnetic Headlines
  2. Define the problem and Promise to solve it.
  3. Aggravate the problem
    Remind them of the pain of the problem
  4. Create Curiosity
    Derek Halpern from
  5. Call them to Action

Next Step:

>> Easily Create a Video Squeeze Page and Automate Your Sales Pipeline for Free

Create A Landing Page


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