How To Be Healthy By Strengthening Your Mind


Most people decide they need to make some changes to their life and have lots of ideas about what they want to stop doing and what they want to start doing but don’t really prepare themselves for the mental and emotional reaction to this new way of living. Usually they can sustain a week or two of their ideal life, but without the mental preparation they slowly step back into their old routine and before they know it, they’ve lost all motivation and all progress has been lost.

Has this happened to you?

The trick is to prepare your mind for the inevitable desire to revert back to the old way. Make your new lifestyle aspirations a permanent shift, not just a temporary fad, and spend the time consuming lots of knowledge that encourages healthy changes, connecting with others for support, and determining the areas that you see as potentially difficult in your progress to a better life. Overall, be committed to the eventual outcome of the decision to be healthy; don’t take any other outcome than that.

Richard Carlson, in his book You Can Feel Good Again, puts it this way:

Commitment is a powerful tool for change. It takes pressure off of you by removing the uncertainty that often accompanies a lack of commitment. Marriage, for example, is a commitment. When couples marry, there is a reasonable belief that regardless of what might happen, the commitment will carry the couple through. Prior to marriage, people often feel insecure about losing their partner, but the commitment relieves their anxiety and gives them the freedom to “let go” of their concerns; it fosters hope.

Without commitment, success in any venture is difficult. Whether you are dieting, studying for an exam, learning to play tennis, starting a project or deciding to be happy, commitment is an important step.”

You can get more tips like this in A Healthier You: A Step-by-Step Approach to Becoming Healthier and Fitter. Click here to download this guide.


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