What Is SEO and What Can It Do for Your Small Business?

The concept of SEO was quite unknown up to last few decades. People were unaware of the concept of utilizing SEO techniques and tools for managing their websites. Businesses could not imagine that SEO can help them to improve the ranking of their websites, drawing maximum web traffic, attracting more customers toward their brands, and competing strongly with their competitors in the market. The advent of Internet made the SEO come into sight.
If we talk about the development of SEO concept, then the number of pages or files that early search engines used to hold was in between hundreds and thousands only, and they used to come across perhaps two to three thousand search queries per day. Now, top search engines index consists of 30 trillion individual pages and cater around three billion queries per day.
Every search engine has particular criteria to rank websites. With each query entered by users, the search engine crawls into the websites and picks the best ones that successfully meet the criteria. These are the websites that search engines consider as the most optimal and best-fitted result in response to a specific query. When you enter any word or phrase (keyword) in a search engine, the very first page you see, shows the most optimized websites in response to your query.
The SEO techniques that most businesses are practicing essentially take into consideration the functioning of different search engines, what keywords the visitors have been searching for, the significance and density of those keywords, and what search engines people are using the most. For businesses who lack in-house expertise to develop and run their own SEO marketing campaign, they usually outsource it to specialized SEO companies, which work together to make the website as optimized as possible. SEO companies hire SEO writers, designers, content providers, link builders, lead generators, affiliates, and so on. These all are SEO practices.

Benefits Of SEO

Without SEO, your website will remain in darkness. A well-optimized website holds higher probability of getting topmost positions in different search engines, helping you making your website visible to potential clients.

The low-cost results (as compared to PPC and AdWords)

Cost saving is one of the major objectives of most of the companies. This is indeed good news that organic listing of websites by search engines is absolutely free. An effective SEO strategy can get you at the top. You’re not required to pay per click or spend funds for advertising. These are some of the major advantages of SEO. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

With some efforts (and capital to cover your SEO costs), you can get consistent traffic. Now, there is no need to pay $10 for every click on your online ad. SEO also helps you reducing the need of thousands of ads across the web, to promote yourself.

Clear-cut boost in traffic generation

With reporting and analytics tools, you are always able to track the result of your SEO campaign such as periodic traffic rate. SEO is the way to exploit your business efforts. SEO delivers you results (not instantaneously but still quicker), as soon as you begin your business SEO efforts. Using tools to pull traffic to your website, you can obviously observe more visitors visiting your website and increasing sales as well.

More brand credibility: exploiting the fact that “people trust Google”

People believe that a website listed at the top in Google is a highly reputable and reliable company. Hence, it seems that by SEO, your website turns out to be the brand name. You’ll become the business that competitors would want to surpass.

If you are unable to get good ranking by Google, the visitors will remain doubtful about your website. If Google has dedicated the top position to your website, it provides your brand a reliability that no ad can grant. Ads are also viewed by users as irritating, and that’s the reason a lot of people have installed ad blockers on their browsers. So, next time when you think about wasting money in posting hundreds of ads, keep this fact in mind.

Better ROI as compared to normal ads

When you invest money for promoting your brand and getting thousands of visitors via paid ad, just 2 percent of those visitors are likely to convert into sales. But a thousand clicks from SEO can result in 4 percent of those visitors being converted into sales, which lead you to have a better return on investment. This higher conversion rate is just one of the main advantages of SEO that cannot be attained by any other type of marketing to your website, Google just gets those people who are actually looking for you. These are the visitors actually searching for your product. Ads on the other hand, invite all, so a lot of “wrong” people might click on an ad mistakenly. A hit from Google is more precious than a hit from an ad.

Your competitors are getting optimized!

SEO is an increasingly popular technique. More and more businesses are now realizing that the benefits offered by SEO are enormously high. Keep in mind that your competitors are also aware of this and have also been exploiting it.

If your business lacks expertise to develop and run an effective SEO campaign, you would need to rely on a professional and specialized SEO company and invest in expert SEO personnel. This is exactly what your company demands to get better ranking than that of your rivals in Google.

Taking business to another level

An effective SEO campaign helps your website gets thousands of people every day. This might put your business in a position to expand to a bigger web server to hold the increasing amount of traffic and sales on your site. SEO is truly a big asset for your business and could be what you require to take your business to higher levels.

SEO makes your site stand out among millions of other websites!

At present, there are around more than thirty trillion pages on the web. It is quite tough to make a name for your brand among a lot others present out there, especially if the product or service you provide is very competitive. Using SEO techniques, you can make your brand distinguished from the rest.

96% of visitors go for the first result on Google!

This implies that just 4 percent of clicks, in response to a specific search query, are left for the second and remaining results on Google. Gaining and maintaining that top position on Google is a great way to get thousands of visitors. SEO is surely the tool required to gain that top position. By making relatively lower investment, you can drastically increase your sales.

Enjoy access to data

As a business owner, customer data is quite essential and helpful for you. SEO helps you gather valuable customer data. On the basis of that data, or entered search terms by the users, you can determine new products to introduce or develop and observe what people are looking for the most. You can take this as your advantage and choose a highly-searched keyword with low competitiveness, and though that might be hard to discover, it may result in bringing thousands of sales every month to your site. Customer data is critical for your business and not that tough to achieve by using the right tools. Exploiting it to your benefit can be exceptionally helpful for your business.

Permanent results

The results delivered by SEO are permanent, unlike advertisements. They don’t get discontinue suddenly if you stop spending on your SEO campaign. Of course you would always needs efforts to preserve that top position, but if you’ve obtained that top position, it will most likely be pretty hard for it to be taken away.

Whats is the cost of SEO per month?

The cost associated to an effective SEO campaign is lesser than the cost companies incur for other promotional campaigns. However, There’s unfortunately no straight forward way to answer that question.  It can vary widely based on the niche, level of competition, and experience of the SEO firm.  Think about buying a house — a basic, small house might cost $200,000, while a mid sized house in a nicer area might cost $500,000, and a really nice luxurious mansion might cost $1,000,000+. SEO is fairly similar — you get what you pay for, and the cost can really vary based on numerous factors.

If you’d like to find out the ins and outs of SEO so you can finally get any pages ranked on the first page of major search engines like Google and Yahoo, you can download your SEO guide here. In this guide you will discover:

  • 60-page guide on the steps you can take to get any page ranked on the top of the search engines.
  • What exactly is search engine optimization? We’ll get down to the basics first before you actually implement some SEO techniques.
  • The benefits of search engine optimization.
  • On site SEO and Off site SEO – what they are and how it can make a big difference to your site ranking.
  • How to develop a keyword list – from research to the tools you need to find keywords in your niche to target.
  • How to create content that’s optimized for search engines. Follow these 7 steps to create content search engines will love.
  • How to set goals and plan. It’s easier to follow-through when you have something tangible you can see, such as a goal. I’ll show you how to plan, set targets and objectives.


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