Easy Ways to Get Rid of the Bad Habits that Affect Your Health

Below are 3 techniques you can use separately or in conjunction with each other to get over your harmful habits that invade every area of your life: 
  1. Replace those bad habits with something that is good.  For example, if you find you are talking negative about other people then make a note to yourself that every time you talk bad about someone you have to think of something good about them. Actually write down your intention on paper and either have it posted somewhere you’ll see it regularly throughout the day, or carry it around with you in your pocket so you can be reminded of it.  There is something good you can say about anyone, even if it’s just about their hairstyle or color of their shoes.  The point here is to shift your thinking from negative to positive   a much better mindset for everyone! 
  2. Pick one habit that you’d like to be rid of and focus on that one for a week or even a month.  Use that power of writing again and write down what you’d like to change, then make small notes every day about your progress.  You might have days where you’re noting that you did the bad habit x number of times that day and you’ll have days where you’ll realize that you went through the whole day without giving in to the habit at all.  The point of this technique is to increase your awareness every day as you’re spending a few minutes thinking about how you progressed with ‘curbing’ this bad habit. 
  1. Enlist your accountability partner.  It is quite helpful to know that you are going to have to explain to someone how you’re doing with your personal growth.  This person that you will be reporting to should not be judging your actions, but merely be a listening ear and a source of encouragement to carry on with your goal.  It would be most helpful if you were able to be their source of accountability as well so it evens the level of confidence. 
Self-improvement occurs over time and the worst thing you could do is to overwhelm yourself with too much change at once.  The most common reason for failure in stopping bad habits is not giving it daily attention.  Don’t make it lengthy or judgmental, just be aware of what your intentions are and make a casual plan for change.  You also need to take action   not just think about change or just write down your ideas for change.  We all pick up bad habits here and there and it is a part of life to be aware of what needs to go.  Be persistent, be intentional and be positive in the light of a healthier life.


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