Step by Step How to Create Your Fan Page on Facebook and Why You Should Have One

If you already have a Facebook FanPage, congratulations! If you don’t, trust me you’re not taking advantage of the most popular social media tools there is to grow your business. Why? Check out these numbers:

  • Facebook has more than 1.11 million active users (as of January 2013)
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook

Think about this: your clients are not going to log onto your website everyday, but more than half of all users log on to Facebook in any given day. That is over 500 million people you could potentially reach with a daily status message. Plus, a Facebook fan page offers these advantages:

1. Fan pages are visible to even those without a Facebook profile account. If you send a Twitter message or email  with a link, anyone can view the page.

2. Fan pages are indexed outside of Facebook. Meaning, if someone does an online search of your company, this is one more link that will come up.

3. Not sure who your target market is? Facebook fan pages can help you figure that out. Each page keeps statistics of who your followers are and who is participating. It will tell you if they are male or female, their age range, where they are located and what language they speak.

4. With a regular Facebook profile you are limited to 5,000 friends. With a Facebook Fan Page the number of fans is unlimited. This might not be a huge thing if you are just starting out, but always plan for your growth.

5. You can further establish your brand. People do business with people they trust. Social media is all about building the trust over time and Facebook is a great way to do that.

Do you have a Facebook fan page? Has it helped your business?

Now that you have discovered why your small business or start-up should have a fan page, click on the image below to get access to a free video on how to create your own Facebook FanPage.


2 responses to “Step by Step How to Create Your Fan Page on Facebook and Why You Should Have One

  1. Wow your post is 5 star with the excellent photo to spark the interest. It is nice to see people displaying their talents for all to see their creation and actually walking away with something tangible. Knowledge to me is invaluable, especially when they are telling you to utilize social networks because it is definitely blowing up right now and a rookie mistake would be not to utilize the social resources. I just took a marketing class and the instructor who is the president of a global corporation told the class that he couldn’t stress social media enough, and when he stressed points to us he did it comical to get us to remember the importance. Thanks for sharing your good article if you would like to get on my site and share some ideas that would be great.

    • Thanks John. Did you check out the video that comes with this post? What did you think of it?… I’ll be checking out your website, and sharing ideas would be great. Looking forward to speaking with you again.

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