Email Marketing: Are You Making The Most Of It?

As you probably know, email marketing is still the most efficient way to promote and sale your products and services online

Statistics have shown that email marketing is far more effective than sale pages or websites. In fact, only 1-4 out 200 people who visit your site will purchase your product or service. In other words, as many as 199 out 200 people that visit your website will leave without becoming your customer and may never come back ever again.
So, how do you ensure customer conversion out every person that visits your website? The answer is: INFLUENCE. Top marketers around the world focus on techniques that will influence potential customers. One of the first things they do is to develop a customer magnet, which is simply an offer a potential customer can`t resist in exchange for their name and email address, and it converts up to 60 times better. Moreover, because of its shareable viral qualities, it allows you to attract more new customer in the process as well. The best aspect of customer magnets is that they help you create a relationship with potential customers, and they’re an excellent method to build an email database which can be used to strategically influence to not only buy from you once but to become a lifetime purchasing customerNow, creating a customer magnet can be difficult and time consuming. The good news is I have a free training that helps you create customer magnets from scratch in 3 simple steps.

Now, there are 3 ways to increase the profits in any business…

  1. Attract and influence new potential customers
  2. Increase the size of your point of sale transaction
  3. Increase the average lifetime sales you make from each and every prospect
… and creating a customer magnet increases all of these areas.
However, you may not know…
  • how to create a customer magnet for the different traffic sources.
  • how to optimize conversion for different traffic sources like Facebook.
  • how to store all your email contacts to email them at any time and over time.
  • how to get people to open your emails.
  • how to set up automatic emails to sale overtime.
  • what to send them and when to send them.

Would you like to learn how to do all of these using a free piece of software that will help you implement a system to automate the entire process? Just click on the image below to get access to the free training video.

Email Marketing: Are you making the most of it?


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